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I recently moved from one city to another. I needed to keep my insurance on the dwelling I was moving from but insure the contents I was moving to.

My Germania agent in Spring told me he could not write the insurance because I would no longer be in his Germania Chapter. A Rockdale agent agrred to do this for me but that I needed to move my mebership to his Chapter. I did so and got a new policy and cancellation of the old policy. When the Insurance agent's wife wrote the policy she explained that Germania was no longer writting policies on vacant properties.

I had a very big surprise when I found out that they had cancelled my policy opn the vacant home because they do not insure vacant dwellings. I was told that they explained that to me. Why would I have cancelled my coverage and moved it? Why wouldn't I have gone to another company where I would have had one policy for both vacant home and contents?

Germania said that I got a cancellation notice.

This was true but I was under the understanding that I cancelled the old policy in the old Chapter and was writting an umbrella policy in the new Chapter. I have had Germania Insurance for almost 30 years but not any longer!

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No. I never signed a cancellation. I was surprised about the whole situation.

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Think there was a misunderstanding somewhere.Also an umbrella provides additional liability coverage only! No coverage for physical property. Upon canceling , did you sign cancelation form?


Very few if any company will write a new policy on a vacant house. I don't understand the ignorance here.

I have written insurance since 1961 and know for sure Germania will not insure a vacant home. Frank Bowers


Like I previously said, this was something that they were doing in Harris County. I never said they were doing this in Dallas.

I have had Germania for 30 years and this is the first complaint I have had. It was serious enough to let others know. To say you have "never" heard of a complaint is a little far fetched.

Sounds like you are an agent! :grin


My family moved out of our home in Dallas and it was also left vacant. Germania Insurance covered my vacant dwelling.

There probably is more to your story.

Germaina is a great insurance company. I have never heard anyone complain about their auto,home, or life insurance.

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