Germania denied liability finally after 2 weeks, even though two witness stated that the other driver forced my daughter off the road causing her to hit a light pole which in turn fell on her car. The police officer at the scene clearly reported the fault with the other driver.

The agent denied liability because their client didn't actually make contact with our daughter's car. The agent was very rude on the phone and laughed when I said we were contacting a lawyer. No investigation was ever conducted.

What could have been settled for much less will now cost them more.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Victoria, Texas, United States #926984

Contact the better business bureau. I will be doing the same for my mother. The more complaints they have on file...the better.


Sorry for your loss. No copmany is going to admit liability in a case like that.

If, in fact the PD report states the other party was at fault the insurance companies will work it out. You should have filed the claim with your own company and let them subro back to the other party. I hate to hear the agent was rude, but people have used that "we're calling a lawyer" way too much. Agents and companies know that most lawyers are not going to waste time on a case like this.

there's no money in it for them. I know this doesn't help now but if you have a problem in the future contact your own agnet first.

to Verisimilitude #1046065

You're right! I work in insurance.

When they did not even make contact why would the Germania accept liability.

Most companies would say you need to file the accident under your own collision. Or at least file that way then let hem subro

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