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loyal customer for over 20 years with local Wichita Falls tx location. These Scam artist Only believe in taking money. Their adjuster will BS their way out of a claim. Take your business else where

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When you are sitting at a red light and a car cuts the turn too close and plows into you, you had better hope they have decent insurance, and not this insurance. It has been almost a week and all we have gotten in a run around. No returned calls, no information, and a corporate phone chain that leaves you right back to the unreturned calls. It seems that no one knows anything at this place. Maybe there is better service if you are one of their... Read more

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I have been a loyal customer with Germania 38 yrs. Put a claim in for hail damage in 2001, living in texas. We have frequent hail storms,at least 10 or 15 yrs claims warranted. In 2001, my husband put a claim in germania pd for roof replacement.he did not replace roof at that time. Now 2016 and i as his spouse put in claim for recent hail damage the adjuster came out explained that we were paid once for it we would not be paid again for... Read more

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Our car was rear-ended by a Germania policy holder -- two weeks ago. The company won't pay our claim -- and they won't pay the claim of their policy holder. This company offers nothing. Only in Texas could a company offer such poor service and consistently get away with. Absolutely the worst! This company has a bad reputation and deserves it. Claims reps do not return calls. Company leaves it's client subject to lawsuits while it ducks making... Read more

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Wanted to use cheaper parts to repair my car. Failed to send the check twice and my car spent 4 extra days in the shop. Agent blamed everyone else but himself. No helpful in the least. My opinion

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I had a total loss claim that WAS NOT MY FAULT. Germania would not even contact the other parties insurance company at all before Germania claimed liability. I took it upon myself to claim the loss on the other parties insurance. They called me and let me know that they were going to claim liability. Not to mention I had to fight with Germania to total my vehicle with a bent frame and over 35k in damages. This has been an ongoing fight for over... Read more

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We had wind damage 4 or 5 years ago and horrible service. Germania didnt pay for roof replacement. They said they paid us x amount t of dollars and would not send us a copy of the cancelled check. We still need the roof.

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Has anyone else dealt with these Germania Insurance Assclowns? They have not been able to contact their client, to corroborate the police department report & my statements, so they refuse to satisfy the claim. Why is it state law to have car insurance again? If you hit someone's car, just duck your insurance company. Seems to work if you have Germania. Read more

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One their costumer hit my car and they send you to bodyshop, they come to you to take pictures of your car and send you why they think is "fair". Guys dont settle for less. They gave a 500 check for a 900 repair. And the lady who takes the claims asked for all kind of personal info including ss# . That is not required by law. This company is the worst in the market!! Thank God I'm not with them but I understand their own clients complaint for... Read more

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Our vehicle was in an accident, when estimating cost for repair, Germania Insurance decided to total the vehicle. Germania uses CCC One, formerly CCC Valuescope, to provide the payout value for your vehicle. CCC One is known to undervalue vehicles and in doing so captures your insurance companies business. This can be seen by a review of CCC One's legal history, and Germania knowing the type of performance consumers receive based upon use of... Read more

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